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romney meet in florida for their third and final debate. tonight. tonight's debate focuses on foreign policy. coming up the latest poll numbers in the presidential race just 15 days away from the election. if you plan to vote in the upcoming election, you need no be registered by tonight. janine de la vega is live at the registrars office in san jose with more on why they are making a big push for south bay residents to come out and sign up. >> reporter: the registrars office here in san jose is going to open up in the next three hours. that is when they will begin their big push to get people to register. you can see this is where people it's a drop box for ballots for people to already drop their ballots off. they there be represented as workers -- there will be representatives here from the registrars office until midnight work song people can fill out their forms to register in time for the presidential election. typically here in santa clara county if you look at the past voter turnout people come out in strong numbers. in 2008 during the last presidential election. 86% of regist
in an important swing state. washington post found president obama and mitt romney almost tied along likely voters. 49% supporting romney, 48% supporting president obama. there's a time magazine poll showing president obama holding on to a 5 point lead in the crucial battleground state of ohio. 49% of those surveyed favoring the president, 44% supporting mitt romney. however both president obama and mitt romney continues their big campaign push today. they're focusing their efforts on the swing states. coming up for you, president obama is doing something today that no president has ever done before. >>> sal is wide awake, still have some voice despite some yelling and cheering class night. >> just a little bit. lot of clapping. good morning everybody. you trying to get into san francisco or you driving in the east bay heading down to the bay bridge, for example if you're on the east shore freeway, you're going to like what you see so far. it is a nice looking drive there. no major problems between richmond and oakland and berkeley. little bit overnight wet road. hayward and fremont the traffic th
obama as the winner of the debate. while 31% believe mitt romney won. the president's favorability rating only increased by 1.257%. >>> president obama and mitt romney are now on a campaign blitz with less than two weeks left of the election day. coming up at 5:15 the record one of the candidates is setting today with his travel schedule. >>> our time is 5:06. time to get you out the door. sal is ready to take care of you even though roads are wet. >> that is right. i heard you read the story about the muni thing. and people getting to at & t park. i think people that go to that park already know the n-judah is one of the best ways. >> it will take you right there. >> we'll be reminding people all morning. yeah dave and i and steve and pam will be on this message. let's take a look at what we have now. his want to show you east shore freeway. the traffic is moving along pretty well. no from injure problems and it's been raining the last few. that means the drive will be a little tough for some people. it was raining pretty hard earlier in the east day. just a lot of water at first.
:00. >>> 5:06. today president obama and mitt romney sought a new political journey this morning, a two- week sprint to election day after their third and final debate last night in florida. >> i look around the world, i don't see our influence growing around the world. i see our influence receding. >> a fact check of last night's presidential debates. in just a couple of hours, facebook will report its earnings after today's closing bell. the stock right now selling for less than half of its initial public offering price. its online advertising rival google reported disappointing earnings and that has some investors thinking facebook may see a slowdown in its ad sales. because facebook is the largest social network it is seen as a bellwether overall for the online advertising environment. >> we will see. >>> 5:07 the time. hopefully no problems out there but definitely still wet out there. sal. >> it is wet for sure. right now traffic is moving along pretty well, pam and dave. there are no major problems if you're driving around the bay area so far anyway. we are looking at 80 westbound as y
donations like $3 a piece. president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney have brought in $1.7 billion so far. then you have to consider super packs outside political committees that are under writing endless tv ads. new campaign finance laws also has millions of dollars flow floe into nonprofit groups that don't have to disclose their donors. who is benefiting from all of this money? coming up in the next hour who is leading in the polls during the final push now just 11 days until election day. reporting in washington, jacqueline felt ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 5:14. it may take two week before apple customers get that new ipad mini. they started taking preorders on its website just after midnight. within 20 minutes the expected delivery date for some models changed from november 2nd to two weeks. that means customers that just can't wait they will have to stand in line to get an ipad mini when it arrives in stores on november 2nd. >>> microsoft newest windows operating system is available to consumers. microsoft officially unvailed windows eight. it's considered the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5